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Bloom is a literacy-optimized hypertutor seamlessly integrated into Discord.

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We built it using the latest generative language models, so every conversation is unique, every experience crafted to produce novel insights. And we’re planning many more features.

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You can chat with Bloom in the group messaging app Discord, where we host it in our dedicated server. The server is a digital campus we host and moderate, with lots of group chat functionality.

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Bloom is accessible via Discord.

Discord is an instant messaging platform accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices.

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Discord was started as a way for gamers to organize and connect but has since expanded to serve all kinds of uses. Millions of students already use Discord to study, and entire companies are run on Discord! (Especially firms focused on emerging technology.)


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@ky1e 12/09/2022 9:20PM
Why was the dialogue format so important to Plato's work?
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Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
Good question. What do you think?

@ky1e 12/09/2022 9:20PM
Maybe he was trying to demonstrate the potential for philosophical debate in ordinary situations? Or to reach a wide audience and keep them engaged?
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Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
Very good. You've made an excellent point. Can you think of any examples from the passage that demonstrate the potential of Plato's writing to engage a wide audience and demonstrate philosophical debate?

@ky1e 12/09/2022 9:22PM
The author says that the dialogue format is part of Plato's emphasis on teaching, that it makes his work not just about teaching and learning but also provides an example of how he thought teaching and learning should be conducted to be most effective
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Bloom combines sound pedagogical practice with the latest in artificial intelligence.

Designed by the technologists and educators at Plastic Labs, Bloom’s engineering is imbued with the principles of Aristotelian tutoring, Socratic dialectics, student-centered pedagogy, and decades of teaching experience.

Imagine a future where every student has a unique personal learning companion.

Bloom is the launch product of Plastic Labs, a team of technologists and educators with deep experience not only in artificial intelligence and machine learning, but also in high-touch classroom teaching and 1:1 tutoring.

Building at the intersection of learning and emerging technology, we’re committed to developing educational services that push the state-of-the-art in learning tools in a manner accessible to all learners.

At Plastic Labs, we believe that native language fluency is the skill that loads other skills, the key to learning how to learn.

We also believe in the power of personalized education, and especially 1:1 tutoring, to deliver outsized academic outcomes. That’s why we designed Bloom — our first product — to use the Socratic method and replicate an Aristotelian tutor to help students master written language.

And we firmly believe that all students, everywhere, should have individual tutors all their own.

No. Bloom’s engineering prohibits the software from performing the comprehension and critical thinking work that fosters students’ intellectual growth.

Academic integrity is not just an institutional value, but an engineering principle.

The Bloom student experience is safeguarded at four levels:

  1. As mentioned above, Bloom is engineered with academic integrity at the core of its design.
  2. All of Bloom’s outputs are filtered through OpenAI’s moderation API, ensuring the removal of harmful speech.
  3. We make full use of Discord’s community moderation toolkit to ensure human behavior in the Bloom digital campus stays safe.
  4. The Bloom server has teacher-trained human moderators from the Bloom team present to enhance the learning experience.

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@mika_12 12/09/2022 9:20PM
What did Einstein think about studying the humanities? He seems like such a science person.
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Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
It's true, Einstein was an excellent mathematician and physicist, but he also had a deep appreciation for culture and the humanities. For example, he was a passionate violin player and advocated for the importance of teaching students the importance of art and morality. How do you think this is related to the idea he put forward in the passage?

@mika_12 12/09/2022 9:20PM
Ohhh I got it, interesting, it sounds like he was motivated by values other than just his curiosity in science
📚 17 💕 5

Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
Well done! It appears that you understand the author's core point. What implications might this have on the way we structure the school system or the way we think about education?


At Plastic Labs, we believe personalized tutoring should be a ubiquitous supplement to classroom learning, not just a remedial chore or expensive luxury.

Our team is dedicated to helping all students leverage emerging technology that’s value-aligned and tailored to their needs.

Bloom can help students with reading comprehension work, review exercises, group study, and building analytical skills.

We know each group of students and each teacher’s classroom has its own set of needs. That’s why we’re eager to work with individual teachers and help them find custom solutions.

If you’re interested, please email us here.

The easiest way to try Bloom is to join our Discord. Once you join our server, you’ll be guided through a few simple steps to get started.

If you’re an educator interested in a live demo, get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any further questions, reach out.

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@benjamin 12/09/2022 9:20PM
Is Shelly exploring how increasing literacy changes your understanding of the world?
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Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
That's right — the passage is about the narrator discovering language and learning to understand and apply it. Can you think of any implications of language learning that this story might explore?

@benjamin 12/09/2022 9:20PM
I guess that it's both delightful and useful.
🥰 13 👍19 🔥 9

Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
Yes! Insightful interpretation. Can you provide an example of how increasing literacy impacts the narrator's personal experience?

@benjamin 12/09/2022 9:20PM
He says, “I cannot describe the delight I felt when I learned the ideas appropriated to each of these sounds and was able to pronounce them.”

Bloom BOT 12/09/2022 9:21PM
That’s a highly compelling quotation. Have you ever had a delightful experience as a result of increasing your literacy?

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